900 Mhz. DSC Specifications:

Type of System Direct Frequency Modulation
Frequency Range 870 Mhz to 960 Mhz.
Programmble in 50 kHz. steps
    RF Carrier output
    RF Carrier Stability
    Spurious Outputs
      Non-harmonic Related
      Harmonic Related
    Output Impedance

5 Watts Minimum
+/- 0.00005% by means of crystal Controlled PLL

Better Than 80 dB (through Diplexer)
Better Than 65 dB (Through Diplexer)
50 Ohms

Noise Figure

VCO Stability
I-F Frequency
Image Rejection

8 dB Nominal (9 dB Maximum) without LNA
3.5 dB nominal (4.0 dB Maximum) with LNA
+/- 0.001% (0 to +50C)
35 Mhz.
80 dB (Through Diplexer)
Baseband Signal Levels:
Transmitter Input

Receiver Output
Return Loss

-45 dBm per channel test tone at baseband insert port;
-15 dBm per channel test tone level at baseband repeater port.
-15 dBm per channel test tone at baseband drop and repeater port.
75 ohms, unbalanced
26 dB, or better.
Power Requirements Nominal -24 VDC (22-28 VDC +15, -10%) -48 VDC
Maximum Current at float 2.4A at 26.4 V, 1.6A at 52.8V

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