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DSC Communications 900 Mhz. Transmitter and Receiver System

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This system was designed for use in a repeater system, terrestrial linking system for multiplexing a number of voice channels, or as part of a single channel two-way communication system. The transmitters and receivers are each programmable in 50 kHz. steps within the tuning range. The 900 Mhz. Ham band falls squarely in the middle of this range and the units are now programmed for 925 Mhz. Rx and 902
Mhz.Tx., or visa versa. So, they are factory calibrated for peak performance within the ham band.

I have two transmitters and two receivers which are for sale as a system, or individually as two Tx-Rx pairs. They are currently programmed for one full duplex link, operating on
902 Tx, 902 Rx, 925 Tx and 925 Rx. So, if one wants to set up a two way link you're well on your way. If you're interested in repeater operation then one Tx-Rx pair will do the trick.

These units are factory new. I have two sets of complete manuals, which comprise two extensive volumes for each Tx-Rx pair, which will be included. The manuals are very detailed with complete set up, repair and schematics of all components and modules included and together are almost ten inches thick. Consider the units to be exclusive of power supplies. However, if the buyer would like, I have several matching power supply units which I will include free of charge. But, the power supplies are included strictly "AS-IS". They have been exposed to the weather and may or may not function without repair. I have not tested them as this would require making up all of the cables, etc. But, they're free if you'd like. Their design is covered in the included manuals, so they're probably serviceable if not working. Their full service data is included in the included manuals.

These units and very high quality commercial units and should be perfect for building a 900 Mhz. repeater, or setting up a 900 mhz. link. They could also be used for control operations. Duplexors and antennas from the cellular world are readily available for relatively low prices in, or very near, this frequency range.

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