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AOR AR-2002 Scanning Receiver
This high quality AOR receiver offers excellent sensitivity and selectivity throughout its entire tuning range of 25-550 Mhz. and 800-1300 Mhz. The unit is totally unblocked and has several features not commonly found on smaller scanning receivers.
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$ 295.00

Harris RF-550 H.F. Reciever
This Harris RF-550 High Performance Receiver receives from 10 Khz. - 29.9999 Mhz. in 100 Hz. increments in modes AM, USB, LSB, CW and ISB.
This receiver is specifically designed to be used in highly congested tactical situations.
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$ 695.00

Harris RF-590 H.F. Reciever
THe Harris RF-590 High Performance Tactical H.F. Receiver is approaching the ultimate in state of the art receiver technology available to the public at large. This unit is just one step down for the top of the line RF-590A and there is not so much difference between them. Our units are tested as fully operational and in beautiful condition.
$ 1995.00

Harris RF-590A Receiver

$ 2995.00

Regency MX-7000 Scanning Receiver
Regency MX-7000 Scanning Receiver
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