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Hewlett Packard Spectrum Analyzer
This large screen spectrum analyzer unit is based on HP's hard to find 143A Oscilloscope mainframe. This mainframe features a very large, easy to read, screen which can be easily read from across the room. This unit includes the 8553B Spectrum Analyzer RF Section, for continuous operation from 1 Khz. through 110 Mhz., and the 8552B Spectrum Analyzer IF section. This unit is in very good condition, is complete and fully operational. It was formally used in a defense department H.F. monitoring station in conjunction with Harris receive units. This offers true, real time monitoring of the frequency spectrum.
$ 1195.00

Tektronix 494P Spectrum Analyzer
This HP 494P Programable Spectrum Analyzer covers from 100Hz to 21 GHz (325 Ghz. with external mixers) through a dynamic range of -117 dBm - +30 dBm. The sweep speed is variable from 20 microseconds to 5 seconds per div. It features a +/- 1dB frequency response and a 10 to the -9th marker and center frequency accuracy. The unit includes a built-in frequency counter. It is fully programmable with front panel execution of downloaded programs, intelligent markers with signal processing functions and pushbutton occupied bandwidth and noise normalization functions. The front pannel "Help" button brings up help menu which guides the user through front panel controls and signal processing functions.
$ 11,995.00