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Motorola Briefcase Repeater
We have several models of the Motorola Briefcase Repeater in stock in varying conditions. Our units cover 136-174 Mhz. and 450-512 Mhz., respectively. These units are based on the widely popular Motorola MX series of radios. Thus, obtaining used repair parts is a snap. Several offer SECURENET digital voice encription systems.
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Learn More (SECURENET) - 3 MB PDF Flle
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Harris RF-350K Transciever
Harris RF-350K High Performance H.F. Transceiver
$ 2995.00

DSC 900 Mhz. Tx/Rx Pair
This DSC 900 Mhz. system was designed for use in a repeater system, terrestrial linking system for multiplexing a number of voice channels, or as part of a single channel two-way communication system. The transmitters and recivers are each programmable in 50 kHz. steps within the tuning range. The 900 Mhz. Ham band falls squarely in the middle of this range and the units are now programmed for 925 Mhz. Rx and 902 Mhz.Tx., or visa versa. So, they are factory calibrated for peak performance within the ham band.
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$ 499.95

Harris RF-3200T Portable H.F. Unit
The Harris RF-3200T is a suitcase version of the RF-3200 HF SSB Transceiver. It covers the 1.8 to 30 Mhz. H.F. bands in 10 Hz. steps. The unit produces 125 watts PEP on SSB and operates on either 13.8 VDC, or on an internal 120 Volt AC power supply. This package includes the RF-3281T Digital Automatic Antenna Tuner and the RF-1940 Portable Dipole/Long Wire Antenna kit. This complete system weighs less than 40 Pounds!
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