's OnLine Catalog of Cool and Unusual Goodies.
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Boonton 9200 RF Millivoltmeter
This Boonton RF Millivoltmeter is in good overall physical condition. The case is clean, however, the sheet metal top cover, which slides off to access the interior of the unit has a bend, near the rear, preventing full closure. This obviously occurred when the top cover was partially opened and in no way affects the operation of the unit. We will supply the material necessary to repair this. All of the controls and switches function mechanically smooth and free. There is no evidence of any rough handling or adverse environmental exposure. The unit powers up, as can be seen above, and all controls appear to function correctly.
$ 179.95

Fluke 1925A Multicounter
Fluke 1925A Multicounter
$ Call

HP 3455A Voltmeter
THe HP 3455A Voltmeter is a digit voltmeter for bench use or general system applications. The standard instrument measures AC/DC voltages and resistance. The standard true-RMS converter offers AC measurements from 30 Hz to 1 MHz.
$ 595.00